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Bathing with the Full Moon

“I Am Free to the Extent that I See”

There is a concept in herbalism called the Doctrine of Signatures that relates to the myriad ways nature speaks to us. The doctrine explores plant characteristics and how those traits communicate to us about the medicine they hold. For instance, walnuts look like tiny little brains, and they hold nourishment for our brain. The root of the lotus cut in cross section resembles our lung chambers, and it holds wonderful bronchial medicine. Avocados take 9 months to ripen, are womb shaped, and are spectacular nourishment for the womb and cervix.

Modeling this doctrine, we can expand our exploration into realms of weather, lunar phases, cosmic phenomena, elemental energies and more. There are so many allies to meet and engage with as we come into alignment with a particular aspect of nature. One of my favorite places to merge meditation and communion with nature is through tracking the phases of the moon.

The full moon in particular offers a soulful opportunity to gaze deeply into all aspects of ourselves. Fully waxed, the moon beckons us into exposure and unbridled self -examination.  A potent invitation into deep feminine poise, unconditional acceptance, and 360-degree vision.

Fully illumined, we have a window of opportunity to dive deep and treasure hunt for all aspects previously obscured, repressed, or forgotten. Full moon medicine is an exquisite healing balm for those who have suffered as the result of trauma. In the glow of her light we can gently examine moments of imprint, simply seeing where a past experience initiated a program of fear or generated an erroneous belief or a contraction of now trapped and stored energy.

I want to be clear, her medicine is not about re-living or re-experiencing. Where trauma was severe, I recommend doing this meditation with a trusted guide who can help you to feel safe as you navigate shadowy territory in your psyche. The energy of full moon medicine is soft and feminine yet bright and truth telling. It is about soaking and steeping in the light of love. Drinking in her luminosity until you are utterly infused, hydrated, satiated, and soothed in her maternal light.

The only qualities required are receptivity, readiness, and willingness. She does all the heavy lifting for this one. We spend so much energy denying, avoiding, and resisting. The energy required to deny is ultimately exhausting and depleting of life force energy. Avoidance takes a life of its own and its’ maintenance is pricey.

So when the time comes, and you are ready, find a quiet place to be outside alone or with a trusted guide. It can feel really good to take your clothes off and feel the moonlight on your skin, or stay clothed in something soft and light. It doesn’t matter if you sit up or lie down, as long as your spine is straight and you feel comfortable. Close your eyes and begin to take deep cleansing breaths, sinking into yourself and inviting all of yourself into the experience. Remember, this is just about receiving energy from a beautiful globe of silvery light. There is nothing for you to do except be in the moment.

Find a rhythm with your breath that feels easy and natural…drop in deeper. Open your eyes and gaze at the full moon, take her in with all of your senses. Observe. There she is, full bodied, unapologetic, blatantly self- exposed.  Become porous and soak her up, like a sponge, drink in and allow yourself to become saturated with moonlight as it filters through your skin, penetrating and flooding you with the nourishment of effervescent cosmic light. When you feel light filled, close your eyes again and visualize bringing the glowing orb of the moon up through the soles of your feet, and slowly journey her up through your legs, abdomen, chest, skull, and out through your crown. Repeat this several times until you feel as though your central channel is clean and open. Then reverse the flow and bring her into your body starting at your crown, transiting all the way through you, exiting through the soles of your feet. Do this several times as well, until you feel complete.

Finally, invite the moon back inside you, entering at your solar plexus and allow her to fill up that space in you. Feel her radiant energy shining out in every direction. In your minds’ eye, place your awareness in the center of the moon as she envelops your solar plexus, your power center. From this vantage point, you have full range of vision and access to everything inside of you. Take an energetic look around you, observe with objectivity all the nooks and crannies of yourself and your life experience. Let her light shine on any and everything you happen to gaze upon. Any pockets of shadow that reveal themselves require no action beyond observation. As you stand witness to this process, be assured that once a shadow is “seen” or energetically acknowledged, a natural metabolic process is awakened. What was once hidden or resisted begins a subtle process of transmutation. Your body mind begins to digest and metabolize the experience and alchemy is initiated.

This big audacious moon goddess, a glowing emissary of the Divine Feminine, has offered a foreshadowing of how illumination and reflection steeped with your intention can support and guide you towards freedom.

A little willingness as we engage with allies of earth and sky goes a long way and the gifts yielded in these friendships are boundless.

When you feel ready to close the ritual release her back to her rightful place in the night sky. As always, thank your ally for her medicinal energy, generosity, and inspiring beauty. Her parting words a gift to you, “I Am Free to the Extent that I See.”


In Light and Gratitude for You,

Gaia Terza


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