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Sovereignty, Dominion, & The Changing of the Guard

The recent events of the U.S. presidential election have found me spinning, questioning, and digging even deeper. I am reminded of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s stages of grief and once again finding myself in awe of this oh so potent, non-linear, dynamic, raw metabolic process. Finding my way through surrender, deep self -care, and connection to allies of import, I am humbled.

Exploring congruence with my own process to that of the collective I find guidance and wisdom beyond the story my conditioned mind wants to tell, tell again, and re-tell. So I’m looking within and playing around with paradigms and patterns as they come into view for me and for those I work with. They are always there, and thank you Spirit for the gift and power of the third eye and for reminding me that this energy center is not only for “vision”, but for “commanding”.

As a woman, I have many roles: daughter, mother, partner, business owner, clinician, healer, cook, chauffer…you get it. At any given time, I am stepping in and out of a role, trying to find balance despite what feels like competing fields of energy. My self-care is pretty solid, as I believe it is crucial to my being effective, and… I just like how it feels to take care of myself.

While studying social welfare in graduate school we talked and read a lot about the phenomena of power. With the recent changing of the guard in Washington, I am re-examining my own relationship with this force, and in particular in context to being female this time around. As the balance between the divine masculine and the divine feminine shifts for all of us, this is an exciting time to be alive. I am deeply grateful to witness the flowering of empowered female essence in my own home as mother to a teen aged daughter, and I am called to explore and articulate how I can support myself and my clients’ with full capacity, authentic self -expression.

Recipe for Restoring and Maintaining Personal Power:

1. “Sit in Sovereignty”

This is a good habit to reflect on in your morning meditation.  Align your spine and sit tall, feeling the quality of space in between your vertebrae. Find your beauty as a verb and be that beauty, it’s your essence.  Are you still waiting for permission from someone or something to shine? Perhaps waiting for certain conditions to manifest or a certain set of stars to align? If so, write a new script and get on with the business of inaugurating yourself and claiming your own beauty, importance, and power.

2. “Seek Your Own Checks, Balances, and Approval”

Self -doubt has likely taken up enough of your time and energy wouldn’t you agree? How would it feel to flood yourself and your roots with the same positive, loving, and wise nourishment and counsel you give to others? These times of transition require us to be in our mastery. Empowerment and self-doubt are opposing forces and your energy is likely needed to flow unfettered in much worthier territory.  You can also use the positive, constructive and complimentary feedback you receive as fuel for the journey ahead. So often I hear people refute or deny acknowledgment of a complement from a friend or colleague. Just say “thank you” and allow yourself to receive the love. Your instincts are impeccable, use them. A woman of wise counsel once advised me, “Every time you follow your intuition, good things happen. Every time you don’t, bad things happen.” This piece of advice not only changed my life, it quite literally saved it. Thank you Dr. Judith Orloff.

3. “Claim Sacred Space”

Continue to engage in nourishing self-care practices and look for ways to expand this art form in new ways. Yoga, meditation, and herbal baths are foundational practice for me. But I’m talking about inquiry into the spaces where self-care is the most difficult and see what can be discovered. There is strong medicine to be harvested in the craggy and in- between spaces. Here is an example to guide you into heightened awareness of these often overlooked moments of inspiration. Driving to work or stuck in traffic, begin to pay attention to forgotten points of beauty. Perhaps notice how many trees stand alone on a desolate urban median or how many shrubs and bushes line a parking lot, never acknowledged, never seen. Bring your spiritual practice here now and through the gift of your loving eye and attention, send these earth allies some love. Feel your heart swell with gratitude for the sacrifice and service that abounds and adorns your life.  Now notice, you just held created sacred space and held ceremony between one life force and another. Feel the power of your reverence.

4. “Engage with Conscious Community”

Begin to cleanse the lens of perception by expanding how you define community. Flora, fauna, the stars, the moon, a cup of tea, your neighbor, silence… WE, your friends, are everywhere! If you don’t already have a conscious community of like hearted friends who gather in some fashion that feels good to your soul, please set an intention and call it in. As we endeavor to venture beyond polarity consciousness into unity, community is imperative. So have fun nurturing the community you have, or creating the community you desire.

So here we go…as we find and take a seat in our own sovereignty, seek our own checks, balances, and approval, and claim sacred space in us and as us, we sit deeply yoked in the mantle of compassionate, visionary, and balanced power. Making decisions from being deeply dropped into ourselves, may we take inspired action for ourselves, each other, the planet, and beyond.


In Light and Gratitude for You,

Gaia Terza


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