Kind words about Gaia Terza, her services, and events.


“I met Gaia Terza a little over two years ago.  The moment we met I was blown away by her strength, light, and deep wisdom.  She remains one of the strongest women I have ever met and her ability to adapt and lead continues to amaze me.  There is not a person more dedicated to transformation, healing, and finding light within each one of us than Gaia.  When you sit down with Gaia you will receive great insight and truth, she will warm your soul while still showing you ways to push yourself to grow, expand, and achieve.  Her spirit and beauty have affected my life so much that she was the only person I could imagine facilitating my wedding.  She took the job seriously and embraced a message that soulfully touched not just my husband and me, but all in attendance.  People continue to praise her amazing wedding service, including the tea ceremony.  I told her what I saw for the wedding and she created it beyond my wildest hopes.  She made my wedding day something that goes beyond the union.  She affected souls.  I would highly recommend Gaia as a shaman, facilitator, crystal healer and tea master. Everyone should have the experience of working with Gaia, it will change your life, it changed mine.”

Charlsey Adkins Wills,  
Real Estate Agent & Film Producer


“I almost do not have the words… Gaia Terza is a highly intuitive therapist, facilitator and healer.  Her treatments in holistic therapies and plant based energetics create a dynamic experience that address the imbalances in life by working comprehensively with the emotional, energetic and physical bodies.  Most importantly, Gaia Terza creates profoundly safe and sacred space which allows for true revelation and deep transformation to occur, both in session and out in the world.  I will continue to work with her as both a healer and trusted friend as she inspires me to express the fullness of my potential in all areas!”

Melissa Terese Young
Holistic Healing Advocate and Breathwork Facilitator
Owner/Producer of Breathwork Worldwide & CFO of The Breath Center


“I have been blessed to have had several years working with Gaia Terza. I came to her in crisis, my career and home life in utter disarray, my inner life void and empty. I looked great on the outside, nobody ever would have guessed what was going on inside of my head and my heart.

Through her wonderful blend of talk therapy, spiritual ritual and healing, and an amazing ability to cut through the crap, I can say that my life has taken a turn for the better in so many ways. We worked together to bring me to a place of deep understanding of myself and my special place within the life I live. I am not without struggle, the pain and anguish still pop in, but now it is just for a visit….not a long term stay, and I know what to do with the feelings that arise.

We are all beautiful creatures, constantly evolving and changing…..with Gaia as my guide and teacher, I can see that there is a deeper level to life and many ways to create and sustain inner peace and love. Gaia’s carefully crafted Tea Ceremonies are a special treat…….tasting and feeling the magic of her infusions take all of Gaia’s influence to a higher plain, the connection of women in circle is powerful….and if you are willing to reach even deeper within yourself, an overnight women’s ritual will change your life!

Gaia Terza does not take any of this lightly, her life’s work is teaching and living within her philosophy, she leads by example. What can I say? She is my Hero!”

Jill Wolff
Interior Designer


“Believe it or not, there are people who live with one foot in the physical realm and one foot in the spiritual. Highly intelligent, professional people from all walks of life who experience the interconnectedness of all life and are able to connect non-verbally with other people, plants and/or animals. These people, equal parts intellectual and intuitive, material and spiritual, require licensed mental health practitioners who are highly qualified to take this unique balance into account when assessing mental health issues or offering competent and respectful treatment. These people need Gaia Terza.

“As an ordained interfaith minister and energy therapist, I am someone who lives in this balance. Conventional approaches to therapy have not worked for me, as they do not take into account the totality of my expression as a human being. Gaia-Terza’s approach masterfully blends the cognitive and the intuitive, the professional and the personal. She guides each client to achieve a grounded state of wholeness from which they can serve the world with confidence and authenticity.

“Whether she is leading a private session, a yoga/meditation practice or a healing tea ceremony, Gaia-Terza is always keenly aware of the energetic container she is setting to allow her clients to dive deeper into the process of healing and integration. The safe and non-judgmental space she creates welcomes all, and reflects the unity we all strive for in our world and in our hearts.

I cannot say enough about what Gaia-Terza’s work has done for me and for those I refer to her practice. If you are a minister, therapist or other helping professional, you understand what it is like to serve others without having anyone qualified enough to help you. Look no further, you have found the healer for healers!”

Niki Elliott, PhD
Best Selling Author of: I Feel Your Pain: A 7-Step Survival Guide for Empaths, Intuitives and Highly Sensitive People”


“Our family has worked with Gaia Terza for several years. We were first introduced to her as a professional psychotherapist with whom we could work on our marriage. She almost immediately “got” us and began to teach us what would prove to be invaluable tools for communication and love and nurturing of self. We learned and continue to learn to take responsibility, to forgive, to feel and to communicate authentically from our hearts. Our relationship with Gaia Terza has evolved into a journey of overall Well-Being. Well-Being encompasses all of our parts, mind, body and spirit and not just our physical bodies. When our emotions run wild or our minds are overwhelmed with obsessive thoughts, our health may be compromised. It is important to create balance in our lives by nurturing our whole person, which includes spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical needs.  Gaia Terza has helped and continues to help our family to create this balance.
“Her spirit is beautiful, her methods are unique and she is amazing.”

Robert H. Bernstein, CPA and Lori Bernstein,
President and Vice President, Bernstein Business Management Group


“As a psychologist, I know the benefit of talk therapy and have been honored each time clients have allowed me to witness their transformation and to hold the space for them to find their voice and heal their spirits.  I also recognize that when a client meets with me, they are not sitting with the average clinician and will receive much more than just talk therapy.  As a result, over the years, having experienced significant trauma, living through my share of grief, loss, and heartache, the idea of “just therapy” didn’t seem to be what I needed to help me heal despite many folks’ suggestions that I should talk to someone.   I needed and wanted something more powerful and dynamic than the average therapy session.  Something that would reach my core (in ways other practices hadn’t) and that would help me unload, shed, and transform into a renewed ME.  Over the years, I found ways that supported my transformation that allowed me to boldly assert, “Still standing!”  However, although my light began to shine again to the external world, my internal world continued to call for relief from the piercing heartaches, subtle pangs of envy, and deep felt longing for family and love that had been lost between 2006 and 2009.

“I needed someone with the cultural knowledge and acumen to understand the racial and ethnic climate and context of my life along with being able to provide me with empathetic, direct, colorful, engaging, and occasionally non-traditional interventions to help melt away the dynamic layers of pain and trauma that I had so skillfully numbed myself to in an effort to survive and ultimately thrive.

“And then came Gaia, through the recommendation of a very trusted friend who knew my story and me, very well. I think I found someone for you, she said with joy and a tone of confidence different from other times she’d shared a resource.  Sure enough, after one session, something shifted and a new chapter of transformation was being written.  I walked to my car with an extra bounce and excitement about what was yet to come in my life after just one session with Gaia.  I was delighted to call my friend to say, “I have finally met the ultimate therapist for therapists!”  Gaia and I had two more meetings planned and I was looking forward to experiencing whatever else she had in her toolbox because I knew that between my willingness and her guidance, I was bound to experience the transformation that I had been longing for.

“Within a week of the first session, I had made a significant and meaningful change in my life that I had been trying to make for the past 3 years!!! It isn’t that she said a whole lot that I had not heard before but it was the way she listened, the deep insights she had with little information, her sincerity and the energetic connection.  I was feeling as if her soul was undoubtedly a reflection of mine that made me feel as if I had landed in a safe, validating, containing space that would serve as the ultimate catalyst and support for the rebirth that I was ready to embark upon.  Her clinical skills coupled with her shamanic work confirmed for me that I was indeed in the right place, that the universe had finally converged and planets had aligned to provide me with just what I needed.  Healing comes from within, but it is so much sweeter when time and tools that support deeper healing align. Thank you, Gaia, for being at the right place at the right time.”

Meridith Merchant, PhD