Gaia offers a range of dynamic, empowering, and experiential services for individuals, couples and groups.


Individualized counseling

Gaia Terza offers individual sessions for Adults, Couples, and Teens

The initial session involves a comprehensive biopsychosocial-spiritual assessment to expose the root of suffering and identification of maladaptive constructs, which block full spectrum healing. Subsequent sessions take an individualized, intuitive, and integrated approach drawing from psychology, herbalism, shamanism, and eastern philosophy. You will work in collaboration with Gaia to restore the energies of heart, spirit, and mind, facilitating your return to a balanced, and inspired whole.

Gaia also offers custom herbal and ceremonial elixirs for meditation and personal visioning which can be offered in conjunction with individual sessions.

Initial sessions are 90 minutes and can be in person or via Skype/video call.
Follow up sessions are 50 minutes unless a longer session is requested

“Conventional approaches to therapy have not worked for me, as they do not take into account the totality of my expression as a human being. Gaia-Terza’s approach masterfully blends the cognitive and the intuitive, the professional and the personal. She guides each client to achieve a grounded state of wholeness from which they can serve the world with confidence and authenticity.”

~Niki Elliott, PhD

Best Selling Author of “I Feel Your Pain: A 7-Step Survival Guide for Empaths, Intuitives and Highly Sensitive People”

Workshops for Couples

Explore commitment as an aspect of spiritual expansion.

Learn techniques to deepen passion, release inhibitions, and co-create with intention and momentum. Create an enlightened paradigm for your relationship based on compassion and authenticity. We will work with herbal allies to facilitate healing dialogue and invite physical receptivity. We will explore how sexual energy offers a gateway to spiritual awakening.

“We were first introduced to her as a professional psychotherapist with whom we could work on our marriage. She almost immediately “got” us and began to teach us what would prove to be invaluable tools for communication and love and nurturing of self. We learned and continue to learn to take responsibility, to forgive, to feel and to communicate authentically from our hearts. Our relationship with Gaia Terza has evolved into a journey of overall Well-Being.”

~Robert H. Bernstein, CPA and Lori Bernstein,

President and Vice President, Bernstein Business Management Group


Speaking Engagements

Gaia Terza is available to speak on a range of topics to groups of all sizes.

Speaking engagements are interactive, dynamic, and experiential. Topics may be customized for the specific interests and needs of your group.

Examples of previous talks include:

  • Healing, Congruence, and Alchemy: How Nature Guides Us to Wholeness
  • Tea as Meditation; Meditation as Tea
  • The Art of Sanctuary: Creating Sacred Space
  •  Relational Meditation: Eco Allies, Elements, and Guides
  • Sacred Partnership
  • Conscious Parenting
  • Women, Empowerment, and Deep Feminine Activation

Custom Spiritual Ceremonies

Customized tea ceremonies for life events and rites of passage

Great for Weddings, Showers, Engagements & Birthdays.

Add depth and beauty to your event with exquisite herbal infusions served with devotion using beautiful teaware, luminous crystals , blessing herbs and resins, flower mandalas, and a talk about your event topic and it’s treasured meaning. Each ceremony is curated in collaboration with the host to ensure the utmost attention to detail and desired visual presentation.

“Her spirit and beauty have affected my life so much that she was the only person I could imagine facilitating my wedding. She took the job seriously and embraced a message that soulfully touched not just my husband and me, but all in attendance. People continue to praise her amazing wedding service, including the tea ceremony. I told her what I saw for the wedding and she created it beyond my wildest hopes. She made my wedding day something that goes beyond the union. She affected souls.”

~ Charlsey Adkins Wills,

Real Estate Agent & Film Producer

Benefits of Working with Gaia

Resolve addictive patterns and refresh your emotional blueprint

Become acquainted with herbal allies to heal the body and access spiritual guidance

Master effective strategies to reprogram faulty thought patterns and create true emotional freedom

Individual and ancestral trauma integration and release

Deepen conscious relationship with the natural world to find healing

Realize self mastery to embody your greatest potential

Gaia’s Perfect Clients

People seeking deeper meaning, harmony, depth, and connection in their lives and relationships

People who are ready to release the effects of trauma from their lives, relationships, and lineage

Seekers looking for viable and nourishing ways to explore ecstatic experience

People ready to reclaim a true sense of community

People ready to offer their gifts and to serve the planet in dynamic and creative ways

People seeking new and ancient ways to commune with the earth and want to engage with potent allies for medicine and friendship

People who have tried traditional modalities for addiction and trauma, yet still yearn for a deeper and more resolute healing

People who are intrigued by the magic and alchemy of conscious living