Create a vibrant, connected and awakened life.

Dynamic, Empowering, Experiential INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS + GROUPS + RETREATS
In Los Angeles, CA + Santa Fe, NM

Mystical practices to awaken your essence and infuse your life with community, meaning, and transformation.

Allies in Alchemy offers a range of soul-awakening and transcendent ceremonies, groups, and retreats in beautiful sacred settings led by Gaia Terza.

Sanctuaries in Los Angeles and Santa Fe, with destination rituals throughout the year.


Meet Gaia Terza

Founder of Allies in Alchemy, Gaia is guiding the way back to heartfelt communion with ourselves, each other, our planet, and her treasure trove of resources.

My intention is to support your journey as a unique agent of change and awakening. It is my joy to support you in realizing the fullest potential of your soul’s expression. I hope to offer inspiration, personalized guidance, and tools for connection that will allow you to take yourself and your innate gifts to the next level and beyond.

Featured Testimonials


If you are a minister, therapist or other helping professional, you understand what it is like to serve others without having anyone qualified enough to help you. Look no further, you have found the healer for healers!

Niki Elliott, PhD
Best Selling Author

When you sit down with Gaia you will receive great insight and truth, she will warm your soul while still showing you ways to push yourself to grow, expand, and achieve.

Charlsey Adkins Wills
Real Estate Agent & Film Producer

Within a week of the first session, I had made a significant and meaningful change in my life that I had been trying to make for the past 3 years!!! Her clinical skills coupled with her shamanic work confirmed for me that I was indeed in the right place, that the universe had finally converged and planets had aligned to provide me with just what I needed.

Meridith Merchant, PhD


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